Sick of Being the Bad Parent

Let's face it...2020 is a dumpster fire wrapped in a car that's about to crash into a clown.  The pandemic has impacted literally everything that we used to enjoy and has redefined our sense of "normal."  No social life, no travel and living in isolation from most of those people that we hold dear is grinding on everyone.  Want to go to the playground?  Nope.  How about visiting out-of-state/country family?  Don't even think about it.  Maybe we can take a holiday and hit the beach for some rays?  Get tf out of here!

Well, this is at least how my family is viewing the ongoing pandemic.  As a family we're following all CDC guidelines and trying to strike a balance between being safe and not losing our minds.  We limit our interactions with others by staying home and avoiding public places.  We've kept our circle small and have been only interacting with those who are as careful as ourselves (or follow the 14-day quarantine guidelines when needed).  We wear masks ABOVE the nose, wash our hands as often as possible and carry hand sanitizer everywhere.  It sucks, but how else are we supposed to end this thing?

County Line Orchard

County line orchard
County Line Orchard

But increasingly I'm getting the feeling that people simply don't care that the pandemic is still raging.  Over Labor Day weekend the Chicago lakefront was PACKED with walkers, runners, cyclists, picnicers, etc, most of whom were without masks and not keeping appropriate spacing.  I was a bit shocked to say the least.  I know people are craving interaction and are sick of isolation, but what about looking at the bigger picture?  What about everyone doing their part to end this pandemic as rapidly as possible?

And as a parent, I am absolutely sick of having to be the bad parent and having to pick up the slack for other people's questionable actions.  Example: Just the other day we decided to venture out to an apple orchard for some outdoor fun with the kids.  The farm had a strict mask policy and had sanitizer stationed everywhere, so it was as safe as safe can be.  But at one point, groups of adults (questionable) were walking around maskless with one person clearly saying "I'm outside, I'm not wearing a mask".  Meanwhile, I'm constantly pestering my children about keeping their masks on because we need to stay safe...for everyone's sake.  I hate wearing masks as much as the next person, but the need to defeat the virus is more important than our individual wants/needs.  We still had loads of fun but constantly dodging these type of people was beyond irritating.

And I know I'm not the only one.  Across the country parents are being forced to home-school their kids while others host COVID parties.  Parents are restricting access to friends and family while others disregard mask policies wherever they go.  In other words, Parents everywhere are being forced to deal with an endless pandemic because so many people simply don't care.  I get it though, masks suck and we miss having fun.  But, if you choose to disregard the CDC guidelines, be and adult and take responsibility for your actions.

I'm sick of having to be the one to tell my kids "no, we can't play with them" or having to force my kids out of the way of others when out for a walk because the other family isn't wearing masks.  If you choose to ignore the guidelines that's your decision, but take it upon yourself to tell your children to keep their distance instead of making me the bad parent.  Why should I have to be the one to constantly pester my kids about masks or crush my kids excitement when it is the other family who isn't following the guidelines?  I've had to do this time and time again and I'm simply fed up. Be an adult and take responsibility for your actions. 

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  • Love this blog. This is exaclty how I feel. Although not following all guidelines, its a “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” feeling. Keeping a balance of keeping the family safe and healthy, while also living life. I’m far from a mask fan, but I know it takes all of us to come together to end this “normal” to going back to living.

    Keep up the great work brother!

    Dave O

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