Life in Isolation - Pt 2

It’s day 26 of isolation and the separation from society is really starting to weigh on everyone.  Between Zoom meetings, phone calls and text messages we’re all staying connected with family and friends, but it can’t replace the human connection of a face to face conversation.  How is someone supposed to cheers their beers online?

I think the hardest part for my family is three things; 1. Constantly having to say “No” when my kids ask to play with their friends (most notably our neighbor’s children).  My kids are simply too young to understand what’s going on so having to constantly say “No” and seeing their sad faces makes me feel awful.  2. The constant disappointment for the kids as Mom is home but still has to work a full day.  It’s such a tease for the kids and I can see the confusion in their eyes when Mom is sitting in the third bedroom and not playing.  This may be harder on Mom than it is on the children as Mom is torn between her work requirements and her family’s needs.  I can’t imagine how this must weigh on her.  And 3. Both of my children are independent, strong-willed and determined little people, which is a combustible combination when matched with two parents of the same nature.  The level of frustration and arguing is steadily increasing across the board, which is not good considering the end of isolation is nowhere in sight.  But…

Writing from home

Thoughts on a Notepad

Pro Tip: A Melissa & Doug plastic table cover works wonders for when your kids want to use markers at the table. No stains on the table and easy clean up.


In my last post I talked about the silver lining of families and friends coming together and emerging stronger because of this order and I still feel this is true.  I consistently see examples of people reaching out to help one another and I really hope this continues.  Even This Dude seems to have learned the value of helping one another.  But I see the cracks as well.  When I take my kids out to the park to ride bikes or scooters the atmosphere is chilly and coated with an air of suspicion.  It’s as if the Virus has taken on the persona of a stalker in the night where anyone could be the killer.  I understand the need to be vigilant, but I’m worried that we’re losing the sense of community that keeps our neighborhoods strong.  A person can still be friendly and cordial while maintaining a safe distance, right?  But maybe that’s just my experience as I haven’t shaved in a few weeks and I look like Teen Wolf with a Dad bod.

But maybe there’s a couple bigger questions to consider; 1. How will society respond when this pandemic is behind us?  I worry that the effects of the social distancing and air of suspicion will linger for months on end and that my children (who don’t really understand what is happening) will suffer the consequences.  Personally, I’m meeting my friends and walking directly to my local option to order some fried chicken and a pint with some sports on TV, but I’ve no idea when that will happen.  And 2. How will my family respond when my wife has to go to the office again and when the kids are back at daycare?  It really does worry me as despite the circumstances, the time we’ve spent together has been more smiles than anything.  Will the kids be ready to be apart from us?  Will we be ready to be away from the kids (OMG YES)?

Big questions, I know, but pondering them is an efficient way to pass the time when watching Frozen 2 for the 39th time (with a beer or whiskey in hand as well).  It’s either that or trying to convince my kids that Anna is the heroine of the story instead of Elsa, which is an argument that I’ll never win.

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  • All I know for sure…I feel…there will be some people who will never be the same…
    Their fear will never leave ..
    Life as we knew it before will be changed.

    Thank the Lord for the children.❤

    Aunt Mary

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